Exciting Sandy Beaches Announcement from Delbert and Wendy!

Dear Cruisers,

Since 1995, we have been sailing together on the Sandy Beaches Cruise. We have bonded as the best of family and friends and made great memories.

In January of 2021, we will kick it up a notch and start a new chapter, as we partner with StarVista LIVEWe have carefully selected StarVista LIVE, to handle guest management, logistics and onboard services, while we continue to help with cabin reservations, bookings, talent and production.

Make no mistake, Delbert will be on the cruise along with many of the artists you love. We will continue to be the Sandy Beaches Cruise, and will be on a Holland America ship, which has always been a great fit for us. We have been working with StarVista LIVE for a while now to make sure the transition will be seamless. They truly appreciate and respect what we do, and we will be around to guide the new team. Susie will be taking your reservations on the ship. We'll just have extra manpower keeping the line moving at the sign-up table.

Molly Reed will help you with reservations throughout the year. Molly will continue to manage the artist merchandise store onboard, as well - in addition to her regular year-round “day job(s)” as Delbert’s tour manager, office manager, merch coordinator, and cat wrangler.

StarVista LIVE brings more than ten years of themed music cruise experience to the table, having handled nearly 40 full ship music charters, almost 80,000 guests with more than 100 artists and musicians on every cruise. StarVista LIVE began in 2010 as the live entertainment division of the Time-Life group. They respect what we do, and they are very sensitive to what works for this cruise and what makes our experience special.

Sandy Beaches is a unique cruise because of all of you. This will never be “just another music cruise.” Sandy Beaches has a special personality that cannot be replicated. We are truly family and we treasure that. This cruise is an important part of our legacy, and we are excited to be working with StarVista LIVE to transition the cruise to the next level, with more resources and infrastructure for guests and artists alike.

Please join us in welcoming StarVista LIVE to the Sandy Beaches family for another quarter century of smooth sailing! 

Wendy and Delbert